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Federal regulation is estimated to cost the American economy as much as $1.9 trillion per year in direct costs, lost productivity, and higher prices. For every one law Congress passes, the federal government issues 16 new regulations. 

With your support, we can continue to put pressure on policymakers to enact the Regulatory Accountability Act, which would:

  • Increase transparency by requiring agencies to gather data, evaluate alternatives, and engage the public for more input on the costs and benefits of new rules.  
  • Provide stakeholders with a means to confront unfounded assumptions or unrealistic data used in agency rulemakings.  
  • Allow courts to review the evidence to ensure that agencies are truly evaluating all evidence and basing their rulemakings on only the best scientific and economic analysis.


As a member, we urgently need your financial support. It’s an investment in our future. With your help, we can give small business owners like you the regulatory reform you deserve.

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In the past 22 years, federal agencies have published more than 88,000 final rules, of which 15,458 have been identified by federal agencies as having a negative impact on small businesses.

The costs to smaller businesses with 50 employees or fewer are nearly 20% higher than the average for all firms.

Increases in per capita regulatory expenditures are directly correlated with decreases in the number of small firms that employ between one and four persons.

Percentage Increase, 2000-2016

The system must be fixed

Americans respect our system of checks and balances as outlined in our constitution, and we deserve a regulatory system that does, too. Without that system, rules are unfair, impractical, costly to businesses of all sizes, and they fail to protect everyone’s rights. We must listen to America’s small businesses.

In short, the federal regulatory process must be reformed to ensure that agencies implement the will of Congress and that the courts uphold the constitutional principle of separation of powers, so our country can get back to work without the undue, unchecked burden of overregulation. 

It’s time for entrepreneurs to join together to stop the regulatory choke hold on American small businesses.

What can we do about it?

Join Small Business Nation today and join the fight to change how major rules are created in this country. Small Business Nation is a project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, founded specifically to help startups and small businesses succeed.  We're dedicated to ensuring that regulations don’t impose an unnecessary burden on business owners or stifle economic growth and job creation. Our nationally recognized team of lobbyists and policy experts will fight for your interests every day on Capitol Hill, in the courts, before the White House, and in federal regulatory agencies.

Your contribution is an investment in:

  • Accountability. Federal agencies need to show that the costliest rules are truly needed and are written to use the least costly option available to achieve their objective.

  • Transparency. Agencies must be open about why and how they make key decisions to regulate, and avoid making those decisions in secret under pressure from special interest groups, entirely outside of the normal rulemaking process.

  • Participation. Agencies should be required to inform the public of pending regulatory decisions on high-impact rules early in the process, share their data and economic models, and allow those who will be affected adequate time for public input.

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