FACT: Productive, innovative, competitive economies require smart and simple regulations to prosper.


  • 99.7%: Percent of U.S. companies that are SMBs
  • $11,700: Average yearly regulatory cost per employee for SMBs
  • $40B: The regulatory costs of federal economically significant rules to SMBs per year

In the past 22 years, federal agencies have published more than 88,000 final rules, of which 15,458 have been identified by federal agencies as having a negative impact on small businesses. The costs to smaller businesses with 50 employees or fewer are nearly 20% higher than the average for all firms. Every $1 increase in per capita regulatory expenditures are directly correlated with decreases in the smallest firms (those employing between one and four persons) by 0.0156%, the burden of which quickly adds up.

In short, the federal regulatory process must be reformed to ensure that agencies implement the will of Congress and that the courts uphold the constitutional principle of separation of powers, so our country can get back to work without the undue, unchecked burden of overregulation. It’s time for entrepreneurs to join together to stop the regulatory choke hold on American small businesses.

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