How to File Taxes as a Small Business

We're in the final week of tax season, so that leaves you only a few days until Monday, April 18th to get your business' taxes completed. While preparing to file your taxes may seem like a long and tedious task, there are many resources that will help you minimize your time stressing over all of the paperwork and increase your efficiency in organizing the information necessary.

Maximize Deductions, Minimize Penalties: 3 Small Business Tax Issues You Should Know For 2016

Nothing is certain but death… and changes in the tax code. Even if you pay a hefty sum to an accountant to handle your books and tax filings, it's important that every small business owner be aware of key changes in policy that could impact your bottom line. If you're not paying attention to relevant legislation in Washington, you could miss out on a huge deduction—or incur a huge penalty.