How to File Taxes as a Small Business


We're in the final week of tax season, so that leaves you only a few days until Monday, April 18th to get your business' taxes completed. While preparing to file your taxes may seem like a long and tedious task, there are many resources that will help you minimize your time stressing over all of the paperwork and increase your efficiency in organizing the information necessary.

To start, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration's Filing and Paying Taxes page to learn how to find your Federal Business Tax ID and determine your tax obligations. The IRS also has a multitude of guides and helpful resources, including a virtual workshop that is worth watching for a quick crash course in small business taxes.

Feeling too rushed for time? You may be eligible for an extension. Certain types of organizations are allowed to request an extension on their filing dates. While this may sound appealing, don't forget to note that interest will be charged on the unpaid tax amount.

You still have five days left, so seize the moment and start today! Don't let next year's tax cut-off date sneak up on you like this year's. Stay on track with our tax calendar!