Need help with your business plan? We've got a suggestion!


Whether you are creating a business from the ground up or expanding and developing your existing operation, a business plan covering the next three-to-five years is critical for tracking the success of your entrepreneurial vision.

A lot of our members have been asking about business plans and how to create them. While we launched the SBN to provide entrepreneurs with tools, tips, and resources to help grow their businesses, we are also happy to recommend the resources available through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)—including content directly applicable to creating business plans, benchmarks, and blueprints.

SBA provides easy-to-follow guides that walk entrepreneurs through all the key elements of a well-constructed business plan, including:

So if you need a helping hand getting your new business up-and-running or charting out the future of your current business, head over to to learn how to map out your plan for success.