4 More Business Podcasts to Check Out


In a previous post, we recommended four of the best business podcasts around. But with more shows launching all the time, and many longtime public radio broadcasts finding new audiences, we can't stop at just four. Here are four more business podcasts we love, and what they are about:

  1. Marketplace—The venerable and slightly irreverent public radio business news show is available as a podcast, and it's well worth twenty minutes of your day. The program brings you the day's economic developments, hosted with a wink by Kai Ryssdal.
  2. Planet Money—From NPR, this more-than-weekly show investigates and explains all kinds of offbeat topics related to the economy, at the national as well as international level. Each 15- to 20-minute episode is like a non-fiction short story that you're guaranteed to learn from.
  3. Startup—In its first season, the show was hosted by ex-Planet Money host Alex Blumberg, and it was all about the founding of the podcast company that publishes this show. Now hosted by Lisa Chow, the show profiles other startups and their struggles. A must for any entrepreneur.
  4. Accidental Tech Podcast—Not to make these recommendations too tech-heavy, but one of the most popular shows in the software development communities is a weekly, wide-ranging, nearly two-hour conversation hosted by Marco Arment, John Siracusa, and Casey Liss. 

Maybe you think this list wasn't tech-heavy enough? OK, fine! You should also try: Ctrl-Walt-Delete (featuring veteran columnist Walt Mossberg), The Jay & Farhad Show(featuring NYT columnist Farhad Manjoo), and The Talk Show With John Gruber (the podcast counterpart to his Daring Fireball blog). Got one to recommend? Leave us a comment!