4 Business Podcasts You Can Recommend to Anyone


Even if you haven't listened to a podcast lately, you have undoubtedly heard that the medium is booming. With so many voices and so little time, it can be difficult to know who and what is actually worth listening to. Here are four business podcasts, what they are, and why you should consider listening to each.

  1. a16z—The VC firm Andreessen Horowitz publishes a podcast featuring panel discussions and interviews, hosted by Sonal Chokshi. It covers a wide range of business topics and is a great place to learn about trends and technologies that may inform your own work.
  2. Exponent—Business and technology analyst Ben Thompson uses the show to explore topics he covers in his (subscription) newsletter Stratechery. With co-host James Allworth, the show often focuses on the week's latest news in software, hardware, startups, media, and entertainment.
  3. Freakonomics—From the authors of the titular book series, this WNYC-produced show looks for business and economic lessons in everyday topics like sleeping, tipping, healthcare and even rock music. If you're too busy to ruminate yourself, consider this show a substitute.
  4. IdeaCast—Hosted by Alison Beard, HBR's IdeaCast interviews artists, writers, and thinkers from a wide range of disciplines, many of which you can't find on other business podcasts. IdeaCast often focuses on issues of productivity, organizational structures, and creative processes.

Though the shows listed above are a great way to stay on top of news and ideas around business, economics and technology, you can learn a lot from popular shows not specifically about business. A few more to consider, and their general topics: 99% Invisible (design), This American Life (journalistic non-fiction), RadioLab (science), Reply All (internet), Song Exploder (music composition), and WTF (entertainment). Got one to recommend? Leave us a comment!